Leave Not One Alive | Dialogue Editor

Narrowsburg | Sound Effects Editor

Bull | Sound Editor

Picture Character  | Sound Editor

Black Superman  | Sound Editor

Agadez | Sound Editor


Safe Spaces  | Sound Editor

Jane Love  | Sound Editor

Vanilla | Sound Editor

Secret Lives of Asians At Night | Sound Editor

Water Horse | Sound Editor

The Ghost and The Writer | Sound Editor

Swallow Grass Snakes | Sound Editor

Weak | Dialogue Editor

Fall | Dialogue Editor

The Wild Inside | Sound Editor

Empty Metal | Dialogue Editor

Dios Nunca Muerte | Dialogue Editor

Allegedly | Dialogue Editor, Sound Effects Editor

The Most Unknown | Dialogue Editor, Sound Effects Editor

Albanian Gangsters | Dialogue Editor

Good Immigrants | Sound Effects Editor

For the Birds | Dialogue Editor, Sound Effects Editor

Crossing the Divide | Dialogue Editor


Canoe Poems | Sound Effects Editor

The Song of Sway Lake | Sound Editor

Blue Christmas | Sound Effects Editor

Options | Sound Effects Editor

La Casa de Beatriz | Sound Effects Editor

I Can I Will I Did | Sound Effects Editor

Lazercism | Sound Effects Editor, Dialogue Editor

While I Yet Live | Sound Editor 

Tangles and Knots  | Sound Editor

Some Lovers to Some Beloved | Sound Assistant

The Adventures of Penny Patterson | Sound Effects Editor

Ma | Dialogue Editor

In Reality | Dialogue Editor

Palm Trees and Power Lines | Dialogue Editor

The Battle of Jerash | Sound Effects Editor


Scan the Horizon | ADR Engineer

Damned Skippy | Sound Designer

Bulb | Sound Designer

The Necklace | Sound Designer


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